Helping you with the 'in-between' stuff

Services to fit your needs

New Zealand businesses cover a diverse spectrum of industries and services, and so do we. No matter what your need, we will find the right match for you. We have expert services available for all sectors of business development. Having access to a wide variety of great partners means we are able to help your business no matter whatever stage of development it is in.

Our Principles

We have successfully partnered with a range of organisations, from global consultancies to sole operators. The principles we operate by are:

  • Best client outcomes – together we will do what it takes to get the best result for the client, without compromising our own integrity
  • Honesty – we are open in our dealings with you, and let you know what’s on our mind. There is no hidden agenda.
  • Respect – we are here to complement one another, and we respect one another’s expertise and knowledge in our fields of competence.
  • Ethical behaviour – we will do the right thing by our partner. We do no harm to their business or reputation. We understand the boundaries – we do not poach one another’s clients or staff.
  • Openness of relationships – we acknowledge that we each have independent interests, and any collaboration does not bind us beyond this. Where we may be in competing situations we declare our interests, and honour our past commitments that may still be in force.
  • Commercial drivers – we are here to do business and we each recognise the other’s expectations to cover their costs, have risks managed by the party best placed to manage them and that any rewards are divided equitably


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Venture Start-Up

For emerging small business owners we have a thorough, structured approach to helping you get up and running. Tailored to your particular business, but covering all the areas of developing a healthy, sustainable business

Venture Support

Once your business is up and running, Vapour can offer ongoing services and back-end support.

Pathfinder Programme

We have also developed a number of guided programmes where we will help individuals, teams or entire enterprises to answer the following questions:
  • What values do you operate by?
  • How do your beliefs hold you back?
  • What goals will help you reach success in line with your values?
  • What skills can you leverage and what do you need to learn?
  • Who is on your team?
  • What is your definition of success?